Monday, 4 July 2011

Lambi Judaai recreated

Coke Studio does not cease to amaze me.

What a superb rendition of Lambi Judaai, a song of which many listeners have preconceived styles.  When one hears Lambi Judaai one expects to hear the usual intonations and stylistic elements that go with that song, simply because it has been sung and heard for so many years.  It is one of those tunes that the ear becomes "used to".  But Komal Rizvi has transformed the song and rejuvenated the inherent melody of this folk song that was originally sung by Reshma.  In the video rendition below Coke Studio reinvents the popular classic by presenting the nostalgic melody against a backdrop of rich chordal elements to take on the quality of a ballad from the ‘50’s. Rizvi shines as a performer on this track, building emotion and expression into the lyrics

I am mesmerised.  All I can say is great work, Komal! 

I now await, with bated breath, Sanam Marvi's rendition of my favourite Amir Khusrao kalaam - Chaap Tilak.

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